Hip Hop Production Course

Hip Hop Production Course

Hip Hop Production Course | Berlin

Learn how to record, write, collaborate, and produce Hip Hop! Styles include Boom Bap, East Coast, West Coast, Southern, and Trap. Explore and craft the skills to make your drums knock and your 808s rumble. Create and shape your own sound using different sampling techniques, and modern synthesis. Learn the skills needed unique to Hip Hop to record, mix and master records for commercial release. Students must know their way around their DAW and at least one working sample-based virtual instrument and one synth-based plugin. One of our DAW courses in Ableton, Logic or Pro Tools will get you up to scratch for this course. 3rd party weapons of choice are made by Native Instruments and Spectrasonics, but alternative ‘freeware’ can be downloaded legally.

We’ve made it possible for our students to use their own laptops for this course, so you can get it set up to suit your needs. You can also hire one of our iMacs for €75. Headphones, audio interfaces and controller keyboards come as standard.

Beats & Pieces

• History of the 808, exploring sample-based 808s, and its origins. Learn to make designer
• 808s using synthesis
• Programming drums and exploring creative ways to use rhythm patterns effectively
• Design drums from scratch using synthesis
• Custom drum kits
• Exploring different compression techniques for drums and bass
• Creative practices editing and modulating drum loops
• In depth to FX on drums


• Exploring sampling styles and techniques using sample-based instruments
• Creating custom sound patches using various sound design concepts
• In-depth look at FX in samples
• In depth look at some of the more popular sample-based used in modern Hip Hop

Synthesis and Sound Design for Hip Hop

• In depth look at some of the more popular virtual instruments used in modern Hip Hop
• Create sounds from scratch using synthesis
• In-depth look into Waveforms, ADSR, Envelopes, and Filters
• Explore additive and subtractive synthesis used in Hip Hop

Recording Vocals and Working with Artists

• How to write instrumentals with a vocalists in mind.
• Learning to leave space in frequency and time for vocals
• Practice working and recording with a professional rapper (TBA)
• Tips and tricks from a professional rapper writing lyrics and melody
• Pitch correction, FX, compression and EQ techniques working with vocals

Recording Vocals and Working with Artists

• Creative mixing & mastering techniques to achieve desired mix ready for commercial release unique to Hip Hop
• Song structure and writing Hip Hop songs for different platforms, including radio, TV/film, and commercial stings
• Creative strategies and practices for finishing songs


• All about sample clearance
• Collaborations
• Discussions throughout course on marketing, branding and distribution of material
• Different ways to monetize and release music

36 Hours | In-Person: €1299 + €100 Registration fee + 19% VAT | Online Remote Attendance: €803 + 19% VAT

Payment plans are available on request to make your purchase easier and more manageable. Contact us to discuss financing options or our upcoming planned schedules. One of our placement experts will follow up with information and find a time for an assessment call to get you in to the most suitable program we have for you. When you’re ready to book, please pay using the button below.

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Our Testimonials

Good structure and reinforcement, instructor open to answering all questions and being as helpful as possible covering a wide variety of topics.

Suzy Lamb

I work with some of the biggest music producers in the industry on a daily basis. Now I understand how they do what they do.

Shaun Royer

It was great and totally hands-on. I understood exactly what I needed, and the instructor was patient, quick, totally sorted out my computer as well. I like that I was able to use the time I had in LA to learn something I have been wanting to for a while. When I started my conversation with admissions, I was quite confused, but he sorted me out. I think for someone who might be trying to make their mind up, the guidance provided by the school could be very helpful in planning their moves!

Anushka Manchanda
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